Newsflash: Charity Commission update

First of all, we would like to wish all trustees reading this a very happy “Trustees’ Week”. We notice that the Charity Commission has been busy lately so we just wanted to draw to your attention a couple of things that have caught our eye.

For charities who engage with professional fundraisers or other so-called ‘commercial participators’, you need to be aware that (from 1st November) you must include certain extra provisions in your written agreements with them. Also, any charities subject to an audit must now include extra information on fundraising in the annual report.

See the new fundraising rules here.

Secondly, the Commission is consulting in relation to the reporting of serious incidents. The consultation runs to 12th January 2017 and you can respond yourself or send comments through to us and we can pass them on if you prefer. Areas covered include proposals to clarify what to report, and when and how it should be reported, removing some things currently listed, and adding some new serious incidents not currently listed. We have had to make a couple of serious incident reports over the last year or so and so are planning to submit our own response to the questions too, in light of that experience.

See the consultation here.