Lessons learned so far: NHS Providers and Hempsons publish new good practice guide for new care models

Hempsons, leading health and social care lawyers, and NHS providers, the trade association representing foundation trusts and trusts, has today (7 July 2016) launched New care models: lessons learned so far and tips for moving forward, a new report to contribute to the delivery of the new care models programme. The new publication builds upon the 2015 report, New care models: governance between organisations, which addressed the challenges of delivering effective governance when organisations collaborate.

Jamie Foster, Commercial Partner at Hempsons, indicated that “this publication is an easy to digest, practical guide for commissioners and providers to take away and use immediately with their teams. It’s based on experiences to date of those furthest ahead in developing new care models and considers key issues for moving forward, including system governance and leadership, organisational form and workforce”.

Chris Hopson, NHS Providers Chief Executive, added that “the new care models programme has been successful so far, and the challenge now is to take the learning forward and look at ways in which the learning can be shared and spread. However in order to do this well, good governance must be embedded and the practicalities considered. The report is a valuable contribution to the work that NHS Providers is already doing with NHS England and our partners to disseminate the lessons of the vanguards as part of the five year forward view delivery programme.”

Key messages in the report advise providers to:

  • Ensure that their organisation is a means to the end of maximising health benefits to their local population
  • Have strong board leadership in place
  • Take early decisions on how new care models will be directed and controlled
  • Continue with sound accountability relationships
  • Obtain clarity on the outcomes partners wish to achieve when commissioning a new care model
  • Think beyond statutory and organisational borders
  • Consider the most appropriate organisational form for the model partners are seeking to implement
  • Consider how much organisational integration is needed when going down the hospital chains route
  • Embrace new cultures and ensure the workforce has right skills, values and behaviours
  • Make early decisions about the estate and carry out due diligence
  • Consider IT systems early on and decide whether they will they be shared or integrated.

For more detail on our experience advising on new care models, or for a confidential discussion of your requirements, please contact Jamie Foster.

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