Hospice and Care Benchmarking Survey Report 2016/17

We are pleased to announce the release of the Hospice and Care Charity Benchmarking survey report – a joint survey between Hempsons and haysmacintyre who are a leading accountancy firm in the charity field.

The report aims to share best practice in the charity sector to enable management and trustees to assess their own structure, governance and monitoring procedures against other comparable charities. Click here to request a copy of the report.

The Hospice and Care Charity Benchmarking Survey Report is the second study compiled by haysmacintyre and Hempsons with the aim of sharing best practice in the sector and enabling management and trustees to assess their own structure, governance and monitoring procedures against other comparable charities.

The survey was constructed to offer a broad range of benchmarks and my thanks go to all those that participated in the study for their support and insight in producing this report. The survey was expanded this time around to capture additional information on Care Quality Commission (CQC) regulation and compliance, and to statutory reporting changes brought about by the new Charity SORP, notably valuing donated goods and the Key Management Personnel disclosures.

There are areas of the survey that show that the sector continues to adopt best practice, and is adopting common principles. Governance structures remain consistent with the use of subsidiaries for trading or retail operations, there is a commonality in the risks identified within the wider sector and unsurprisingly income generation remains the highest risk on all respondents’ agendas.

There are however key areas where the sector can improve. These include:

  • Governance procedures – in particular the length of terms of office, the need to constantly review the relevance of the sub-committee structure, terms of reference for sub committees, and conflicts of interest guidance.
  • Clinical governance – given the risk surrounding this area, and the increase in public interest, we recommend that all organisations have a subcommittee with remit to manage clinical governance wherever possible with a designated lead taking a pro-active day to day management role. There is a specific requirement within the Regulations for those registered with CQC to ensure that they have robust governance procedures and the CQC can ask for a report at any time asking providers to explain what these procedures and processes are within their organisation.
  • Reserves policies – whilst fundraising and income generation remain a key issue for many in the sector, there is a need to revisit the reserves policy and ensure it is fit for purpose and aligns with your future strategy, and in particular to link this with fundraising strategies to ensure the messaging is consistent.
  • IT and Data security – continues to be an important area for the care sector. With increasing reports of data breaches and release of sensitive data, care needs to be taken to ensure that charities are doing everything they can to protect their data and have Data Protection Officers who understand their role and receive appropriate training.

Please click here to request a copy of the report.