Healthcare Newsbrief: Summer edition now available

Welcome to the summer edition of Hempsons’ Healthcare newsbrief.

While the summer holidays may be approaching, it remains a busy time for everyone working in and around the NHS.
With the financial pressures on the NHS increasing, many boards will be thinking about how their organisations can maximise their income.
One way of doing that is to look at the opportunities offered by intellectual property. Many trusts will be missing out on this potential income stream: Hempsons partner Gill Hall describes what innovations may be worth exploiting and what pitfalls to avoid.

The use of apps and similar software is another innovation affecting our daily lives and healthcare. But apps used in healthcare may need to go through the medical devices regulatory system. Trusts also need to consider issues such as data confidentiality, reporting problems and – if a clinician is using an app which has not been authorised by the trust – viruses and support. James Lawford Davies goes through what you need to think about.

Many NHS organisations will be planning to work in collaboration with others over the coming years. In some cases, this will mean they want to deliver some services through a different organisational form – either an additional body to those which already exist or to merge with or acquire another organisation. These are big decisions and Jamie Foster offers some thoughts on what each one involves.

GP practices are not immune to this trend toward organisational change. Many have merged to form larger practices already but we now seem to be on the cusp of ‘super practices’ covering up to 100,000 people. Such mergers are never easy – especially as GPs are renowned for valuing their independence. Ross Clark looks at how to make mergers work.

Another group of doctors who have been in the news are the juniors. Their contract negotiation between the BMA and employers has taken two and a half years and may finally lead to new terms and conditions – if the grassroots accept it (which is far from certain). Our employment team look at some of the key issues and what a settlement – or not – could mean for trusts.

Finally, we highlight an innovative partnership procedure we have recently advised on which will help integrate public sector data across parts of the North West.

Wherever you work in the NHS and whatever challenges you face, we hope you will find something of interest in this Newsbrief. If you want more information or to follow something up, please get in touch with our authors, call, tweet or email us.

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