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Health start-ups: Generating revenue from intellectual property

Doctors in private practice and private healthcare operators are often innovators, developing software, equipment and treatments, and building a ‘brand.’ Using these more widely, both in British healthcare and further afield, could bring benefits to patients - and private practitioners are often keen to help this happen. However, they need to consider what happens to their intellectual property in their innovations. IP is a valuable asset – as is being increasingly realised by the NHS – and needs protecting.

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Global Digital Exemplars – Managing the innovation process

Innovation is an integral part of any quest for digital maturity and technology underpins most innovative projects. Moving data and services from an offline, paper based environment online necessitates a new way of thinking, new processes and procedures and often new methodologies and technologies to facilitate the transformation.

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Health start-ups: Don’t get snared in your own web – it’s your website, but do you own and control it?

Organisations rightly devote significant time and resources towards ensuring their web presence reflects their values and the message they wish to convey to the outside world. Even those that do not engage in e-commerce are expected to have a website – their shop-window in the electronic world – and will take steps to ensure that clients and prospective clients searching the internet will arrive at their own website rather than that of a competitor.

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