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New NHS dental contract – what to expect

There have been rumours for the last few years about how the NHS dental contract is going to be revolutionised, with varying degrees of suggested change. Action has however now been taken to put some of these theories into action to test potential new forms of the NHS dental contract.

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What to consider when purchasing a care home – The legal aspects

Buying a care home is a complex business transaction which will require considerable time and dedication on your part. Whilst the rewards will no doubt be satisfying, the legal process is not always straight forward and it requires input from specialist legal advisors who are experts in both business law and health and social care law.

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24 hour NHS retirement – piece of cake, right?

Afraid not! The process for 24 hour retirement from your NHS contract can be complex and will take quite some time. Faisal Dhalla, a partner in the specialist commercial dental team at Hempsons shares his tips and advice for ensuring your 24 hour retirement goes smoothly.

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