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NHS Dental Practices Year-End Reconciliation

Following the letter of preparedness issued on 22 December 2020, NHS dental practices should be aware of their increased targets for the last quarter of the financial year and the proposed reconciliation and abatement processes for calculating any clawback and deemed activity.  

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Covid-19: The impact on the dental market

We are in unprecedented and challenging times with advice and guidance being issued and updated on a daily basis. What is the impact of Covid-19 on dental practices? Faisal Dhalla and Kirsty Odell outline some of the key issues for dental practices here:

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Are your dentists really self-employed?

The issue of the self-employed status of associate dentists is also very much a hot topic at the moment – in particular, with a review HMRC has been conducting in recent times and the Employment Tribunal case of Mr A Lynn v. Damira Dental Studios Ltd.

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New NHS dental contract – what to expect

There have been rumours for the last few years about how the NHS dental contract is going to be revolutionised, with varying degrees of suggested change. Action has however now been taken to put some of these theories into action to test potential new forms of the NHS dental contract.

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