NHS Kirklees

New HQ at Bradley Business Centre

This transaction is for the development of a new Headquarters building (construction value around £6 million) for Kirklees Primary Care Trust (PCT) to occupy under a lease. The management of the wider development site, including the delivery of access and services to the proposed premises, raised a number of legal and commercial issues that were resolved to the PCT’s satisfaction.

Also significant was the decision by the developer to build the new HQ itself, as contractor, whilst retaining the freedom to sell its interest as the developer/landlord. As a result, the agreement for lease included construction obligations that are normally found in a separate building contract to which our client, the PCT, would not have been a party.  Also, the Certifier and Services Commissioner roles are to be carried out under joint appointments.

This innovative approach to a highly bespoke third party development (3PD) gives the PCT, as proposed lessee, a high level of protection. We created the legal structure by drawing upon our considerable experience of Public-Private Partnership (PPP) projects and multi-stakeholder commercial property developments.