Winning healthcare services contracts – legal support for healthcare providers

Winning healthcare re-procurements can be business critical; expert legal advice will give you the edge.

How our step-by-step support will improve your bid:

1. Pre-procurement: be prepared – be influential

  • Care model structure
    • Appraise options: prime contracting, integrator contracting, alliance contracting
    • Sub-contracting, Gain and risk share
    • Identify regulatory requirements: NHS England and NHS Improvement
  • Partnering
    • Establish partnering governance structure
  • Engage with commissioners
    • Help you to influence commissioning decisions
  • Existing services contract
    • Help you to improve contract performance, plan workforce, handle information requests
  • Premises
    • Identify premises condition and occupation rights

2. On procurement: be informed – be resourced

  • Analyse evaluation criteria
  • Identify information requirements
  • Due diligence

3. During the procurement process: gain advantages- demonstrate benefits

  • Effective bidding tactics
    • Navigating the procurement process
    • Constructive dialogue and clarifications
  • Make sure your submission
    • Responds to commissioning objectives and evaluation criteria
    • Is contractually deliverable and sustainable
    • Promotes sound partnership working
    • Meets NHS England and NHS improvement requirements

4. Contract award: mobilise fast – avoid challenge

  • Finalise and execute the services contract
  • Execute partnering contracts and sub-contracts
  • Implement the handover plan
  • Document the business transfer
  • Novate supply contracts
  • Document premises occupations, re-developments, maintenance and repair
  • Workforce handover
  • Responding to FOIA requests

5. Operational review: satisfy commissioner objectives –extend the contract

  • Confirm operational compliance and effectiveness
  • Demonstrate and support transformation
  • Avoid or resolve disputes

Our expertise, our team – our reputation



Information and data



Information technology



Disputes resolution

Due diligence



We are recognised legal experts with over 120 lawyers working in the health and care sectors.To discuss a tailored service to support your bid, contact our Bidding Support Key Contacts:

Crispin Pettifer, Partner

We value our relationship with Crispin Pettifer and the team at Hempsons. They know their business and what really makes a difference is their integrity and proportionate approach.

Trust Board Secretary, Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust

Andrew Daly, Partner

I can honestly say that the support delivered by Andrew Daly and the Hempsons team has been first class, delivered with clarity and in a cost effective, timely and concise fashion that is mercifully free from the legal jargon that sometimes affects their profession.

North Lincolnshire and Goole Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Jamie Foster, Partner

Jamie and the team have guided the partners in assessing risks and supporting implementation of Salford Together’s innovative and radical new care model. They have provided first class expertise and have been responsive and professional throughout this complex and high profile project working to a demanding timetable.

NHS Salford Commissioning Group, Salford City Council, Salford Royal NHS FT and Greater Manchester West Foundation Trust


Key Contacts

Picture of Crispin Pettifer

Crispin Pettifer

Partner, Newcastle, Harrogate
Projects, Construction, Commercial
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