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Professional Practitioners, whatever their discipline, require specialist legal support. Whether this advice is on partnerships, real estate, employment or litigation law it must take into account the overall medical and, where relevant, NHS regulatory framework, particularly as there are many legal challenges for doctors to overcome. Failure to take this into account is likely to result in you being deprived of benefits which should otherwise be open to you in the commercial environment.

Our unique team includes dual-qualified dentists, doctors and lawyers whose combined knowledge offers an unrivalled insight into the specific legal challenges and opportunities facing doctors, dentists and other professional practitioners. This allows us to offer specialist legal services for doctors and relevant legal advice for GPs.

We also offer advice to GPs in their capacity as members of Clinical Commissioning Groups. For more information please visit our Clinical Commissioning Groups pages.

Who we work with:

The team are regularly asked to contribute their expertise to other publications. A selection of recent articles can be found here.

Please click here for a new series appearing in the Independent Practitioner Today, aimed at helping new healthcare businesses avoid potential issues they may face in different areas such as employment, IP and website ownership.

You and your team have been truly amazing but also above that, have shown me true care and concern. For that I am grateful, as well as for your tremendous legal skill. Clients are truly lucky to have you and your company behind them, so I thank you all.


An utterly fantastic team who work well together to deliver world-class results.

Chambers UK 2017

They are absolutely first-class.

Chambers UK 2015

They are at the top of the tree. There’s nothing in the medical partnership world they don’t know about.

Chambers UK 2015