Christina Helden

What Christina can do for you

Christina qualified as a solicitor in 2013. Before commencing her role as a healthcare advisory solicitor at Hempsons she trained in a corporate firm where she gained experience in the life sciences regulatory law, intellectual property law, litigation and corporate law. As a result, Christina is accustomed to working in a diverse and dynamic, client driven practice.

Christina’s current career path has been informed by both her academic background and work experience. Christina holds a B.A. in Psychology (Neuroscience Stream) from McGill University, an MSc. in International Health Policy (Health Economics) from the London School of Economics and Political Science and a LLB. from the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Previously, Christina worked for a children’s hospital in Canada where she designed and conducted economic analysis on paediatric stroke. Christina also completed a fellowship at the O’Neil Institute for Global and National Health Law at Georgetown Law Centre where she conducted research and provided advice on global health topics for the World Health Organization and the World Bank.

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Health start-ups: Online prescribing is no panacea – the pitfalls and perils of prescribing medication online

This is a particularly complex area so it’s as well to know what is what. Interfaces (such as Amazon, E-bay and Uber) which utilise the internet, SMS and Apps to deliver goods and services, are popular because they save time – and savvy healthcare businesses realise that patients are no different. They view time taken to make doctors’ appointments and queuing at the surgery as wasted time. Such business are capitalising on this perception by creating interfaces which allow patients to obtain prescriptions remotely (on-line, by SMS or App).

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