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Things you need to know about information governance to sell healthtech products into the NHS

The NHS has unique and complex information governance rules which supplement GDPR requirements and must be built in to healthtech products for them to be usable in this sector. This session provides an essential introduction to the area.

The NHS encourages innovation in using technology in developing new and better ways of delivering care, managing health conditions and reducing hospital conditions. It is also a key marketplace for such products. NHS organisations also have large databases of patient related health data, which have the potential to be vital source of information for analysis and development of healthtech products. However, the NHS internal information governance rules place strict controls on the use of patient identifiable data including for cutting edge artificial intelligence products. Any healthtech product must be capable of operating within this framework in order to be a viable product to offer to NHS customers. This session will provide an introduction to the relevant rules and principles and sources of guidance and advice to technology companies seeking to develop products for this sector, including an overview of the role of anonymisation and psuedonymisation (including the use of controlled environments) and section 251 authorisations.

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London 15th June 2018 12:30 - 14:00



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