Richards Partington


Richards Partington Architects are another of the mid-size professional firms amongst whom Hempsons is growing a niche practice as general legal advisers. Crispin Pettifer has acted for Richards Partington Architects since its formation in 1998.  They have followed him to Hempsons. Richard Partington had the following to say about Crispin and his team.


We depend on Hempsons’ experience and expertise to comment on appointment terms and negotiate amendments on our behalf. Hempson’s practical experience and pragmatic approach have allowed us to conclude these negotiations quickly and advantageously, helped in no small measure by Crispin Petiffer’s knowledge and authoritative approach. We have complete confidence in Hempson’s ability to represent our best interests and to conclude agreements efficiently.


We value Hempson’s prompt response to inquiries and fast turnaround of documents. A good understanding has built up over the years that also ensures we get the right level of input for a particular task. Some appointment agreements and warranties must be reviewed quickly as part of a bidding process in which case we need only the pertinent information but without massive outlay. Hempsons have responded well in these situations.

Value for money

Most of our work is commissioned on developer’s bespoke contracts so we do not always have the protection afforded by the standard forms issued by professional bodies (RIBA, NEC etc). However, in our eleven years of trading we have operated almost entirely with no contractual disagreements or bad debts. We attribute this in part to the thorough job done by Crispin and his colleagues. We believe that money spent ensuring that agreements are fair and workable will stand us in good stead over the course of a project. We also secure a lot of repeat business and find that second and third projects based on an agreed model are easily implemented, which means we get even better value from our initial outlay.

Hempsons’ style

Crispin and his assistants work conscientiously and accurately and are a pleasure to deal with – courteous but to the point. Crispin always provides a straightforward analysis or commentary on the legal copy so we understand. We get accurate forecasts for the scope and cost of assignments and we are immediately alerted to potential problems and costs. Crispin hosts informative seminars  which embrace all levels of professional activity and are valued as much by trainee architects as they are by practitioners. He manages to cultivate good relations with all his clients, whether they are starting out on their first domestic projects or agreeing complicated framework agreements with leviathan utilities providers.